Since 1992 I’ve been saying that 2020 would be a cleansing year worldwide. But I thought it would be a war or climate disaster. What I didn’t realize was that it would be a cleansing year for myself. I always wanted to be in a state of impartiality, to follow the middle path as Buddha taught us. I would like not just to say, but to feel and to act like Dalai Lama or the Native American Medicine Women who are great references of wisdom.

But I knew I had a long way to go and I had to do a lot of inner work. It would be a lifetime job that I might accomplish in the next incarnation. Also, since 2015, I’ve been getting the message “simplify your life” during my meditations and from the Angel cards. Initially, I thought it was related to material possessions. We downsized when we moved to Georgia, gave away so many things, such as furniture, books, toys, clothes, shoes, a snowblower, and so on. I truly simplified my life in many ways, but I was still getting the same message until I realized that I had to do the same in the emotional realm.

When I moved to Georgia, almost two and a half years ago, I knew it would be a turning point in my life. Thus, I wanted to do something different. I just didn’t realize that I could work with the same tools differently. But seeing my journey in the last two years in retrospect I can say the angels are always organizing our lives on divine timing. Although I was feeling lost in the beginning, slowly all the pieces of the puzzle started fitting together. Following my professor, Dr. Ardito’s suggestions I became a yoga teacher despite some physical limitations and getting injured during the training. This was an excellent course. It was not just about learning the asanas and the routine, but we had a lot of inner work through meditation, ceremonies, rituals, and emotional and spiritual exercises in small groups. I even said to the group that the course was therapy on steroids. It was profound, at least I took it on a profound level.

A week after I finished the yoga teacher training, I started the life purpose coaching training at the Life Purpose Institute. Another excellent course. We were eleven incredible women from all walks of life, including international students. The best part was working on ourselves with different techniques and approaches. How transformative it was! Then I took two months to elaborate and integrate all those experiences before I started my certification in hypnotherapy, a course I was planning for a while. This course took me even deeper into my inner work; it took me to the subconscious mind level. I was blessed to be in a small group of people with the best intentions. To finish this cycle, I became specialized in restorative yoga and stress management consulting according to a holistic/integrative approach where all the courses I took previously came together to be in service of those who are dealing with chronic stress and don’t know where to start.

Then a pandemic happened and it reminded me of something that I couldn’t grasp clearly at that moment. It was the beginning of the cleaning process for me. I had some insights when I saw some people not just doing exactly the opposite they preached, but also how they’ve manipulated people’s energy for years. I could check how many people in the spiritual field don’t walk their talk. They talk about love and act from fear. So, I truly learned that it is okay to cut the cords with people who suck or manipulate my energy. It is okay to let go of people who, somehow, are holding you back in a very subtle way. Did you know what happen? The way got unstuck and life started flowing. This was a year to let go of some relationships and beautifully transform others.

The best part was being able to see life events from a higher perspective, to achieve the peace of seeing life from the middle path standpoint. The feeling is wonderful! It is much less stress, anxiety, fear, and more confidence and trust. I wish I could share with you this wonderful feeling. But I can just share my story and words. During a walking meditation on Black Friday, I had an epiphany, I could grasp what the pandemic meant to me.

When I was in eighth grade (I was 14 years old), my friend and I decided to go downtown to shop at our favorite department store. But we chose to indulge ourselves in its cafeteria with a delicious sundae, first. When we were almost finished, most of the lights went off and the store doors were closed. We heard sirens and people started getting panicked. We could smell and see some smoke. We didn’t know if the smoke was coming from that store or next door. My friend started crying. I don’t know what happened to me, but in extreme situations I get calm. Don’t ask me why. Normally, a feeling that everything is going to be okay invades my body and my mind, and it was exactly what happened to me that day. While people were going crazy and almost all doors were closed (they were afraid of vandalism, I think), I folded my right arm and said to my friend, “Place both of your hands on my right arm and don’t let go. Come with me, we will be okay, don’t worry.” Next, I searched for natural light and I found a small door to the side street. People were so fearful that they couldn’t see the opened door. Carefully I walked toward that door and left the store calmly while the firemen were arriving. My friend and I got on the bus and came back home safe and sound and everything was alright with us. Later at night, we saw the fire event on the news. It was the arts & craft supply store beside that store my friend and I were in that was actually on fire.

2020 taught me what I’ve forgotten “Search for the natural light,” which means search for the truth within and live by it. The middle path is the way! Everything is going to be alright even if people around you are falling apart. We can’t interfere with their karma. We just can be an example of hope if they choose to see us this way.

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