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Healing From Within

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I am a Well-Being Mentor and I can’t wait to be part of your incredible journey!

Welcome to Well-Being Mentoring – Where You Can Go Beyond Coaching

I am a Well-Being Mentor, who works with the Hope-Light-Solution method to relieve stress and worries and help you to connect to your Inner GPS; learn to become mindful and aware, and make you feel alive and joyful. This process reunites you with your life purpose and brings more profound emotional intelligence to your conscious mind. This is so important to today’s world because:

  • Many people have lost sight or have never been connected to their unique life purpose and mission, causing them to feel lost, anxious, uncertain, and joyless. They are just drifting through life.
  • Chronic and financial stress cause detrimental consequences that can hold you back and block your joy and creativity. You can feel sad, fearful, depleted, with no energy, or apathetic.
  • You take on imposed expectations and fulfill many roles without questioning your true nature, desires, and needs. This complex and stressful world takes you away from your wholeness.
  • You resist the natural changes of life because you are afraid to leave the “familiar zone.” You become attached to limiting beliefs and don’t make space for the new in your life. Stress, worries, and fears block your spontaneity and keep you stuck.

What I can do for you

As a Well-Being Mentor, I can help you reduce stress, develop inner connection, and reclaim your joy. You get stuck with old personal and familial patterns that keep repeating themselves! It is time to set you free!

I mentor open-minded people like you who seek self-improvement and want to create a more meaningful lifestyle. I guide people to become centered, connected, and enthusiastic. Thus, you can strengthen your resilience when dealing with life’s hardships by resolving family entanglements and eliminating old subconscious beliefs and scripts that prevent you from feeling joyful, self-confident, and successful

I help you to connect to your Inner GPS and trust the messages you get from your Higher Self ; after all the answers reside within. I guide you to answer those questions in the back of your mind that somehow prevent you from being your true self. Questions such as: Who am I? What is my mission? What is my purpose in life? How can I bring meaning to my life? What is the reason for this situation in my life? Why do I feel stuck? What is holding me back?


My mission is to mentor common people, like you and me, with ordinary but overwhelming issues. To reclaim your joy and create a meaningful life, you need to deprogram the profoundly ingrained fears and false beliefs you hold about yourself. You need to access who you are, not who society told you that you should be. Learning to manage and cope with different stressors can transform your life; it makes you feel empowered and free to live a meaningful and joyful life.

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Short Script For Stress Relief & Well-Being

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