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Center For Your Well-Being

Well-Being Mentoring Services

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you are at the right place. Together we can work on those issues so that you can live a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

– Are you dealing with stress and worries?

– Do you worry about money?

– Do you feel stuck or blocked?  

– Do you feel disconnected?

– Are your limiting beliefs sabotaging you?

– Do you need to change but don’t know how and what to do?

  • Here, at Meaningful Living, the focus is on well-being and inner connection, which leads you to a meaningful life. Our services help you to:

– Regain your confidence and creativity

– Reclaim your joy and self-esteem

– Improve your energy, motivation, and mental clarity

– Elevate self-love and well-being

– Live an abundant, meaningful, and joyful life 


Individual Sessions

Local & Duration: Zoom – 55 minutes​

Investment: US$150.00

Payment: Zelle

Well-Being Mentoring – Customized Program

​Local & Duration: Zoom – ​ 8 – 55-minute sessions

Investment: US$960.00

Payment: Zelle​

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Family Constellation Facilitation

Family Constellation is a solution-based approach whose goal is to reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship. It addresses possible stressors impacting these relationships and heals them. It helps eliminate harmful relationship patterns, be in a romantic relationship, solve family entanglements, cope with significant loss, develop personal and professional success, and deal with chronic pain or/and disease.

When we do a Family Constellation session, we look for disconnection, identification, and entanglement because most of our problems started with our ancestors, not really with us. This statement is not an excuse to play the victim role. Instead, it is an opportunity we have to heal ourselves and our ancestors and prevent passing down those issues to future generations. It didn’t start with you, but it can end with you!

Family Constellation Session

Local & Duration: Zoom – ​90 minutes

​Investment: US$225.00​

Payment: Zelle 

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Holistic Hypnosis For:

– Stress relief & Well-Being Improvement

– Relaxation & restful sleep

– Improving self-confidence and self-esteem

– Overcoming limiting beliefs

Holistic Hypnosis – ​Individual ​Sessions

Local & Duration: Zoom – ​55-minute​ 

​Investment: US$150.00​

Payment: Zelle

Holistic Hypnosis – Customized Program

Local & Duration: Zoom – ​6 – 55-minute sessions

Free: one customized script

​Investment: US$762.00​

Payment:​ ​Zelle