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Hi, I am Sandra Guassi

Your Hypnotherapist and Self-Care Coach to a Meaningful Living

Are you tired of being tired? Are you drained by anxiety? There is no coincidence, just synchronicity! In the same way, there are no mistakes, just learning! You have reached this page because you want to live a more serene, meaningful and satisfying life. It is time to unlock your potential, unblock your path, get unstuck, and shine brightly. You are in the right place!

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People are understood and welcome here!

Stress Less – Live More

Why Anxiety & Stress Relief and Self-Care are so important?

Have you been experiencing: anxiety, chronic pain, depression, low energy, sleep problems, brain fog, and lack of confidence to make changes in your life? You may have a high level of stress.

All these signs might be your body trying to call your attention to the fact you need to take good care of yourself. Chronic stress is considered the silent killer. It relates to mindset and lifestyle; a weekend trip to the beach or the mountains will not solve the problem. The secret is your interpretation of the stressors in your life.

Unfortunately, most of us grew up listening to that care about ourselves; loving ourselves was a selfish act. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can’t give what you don’t have. How can you be healthy to take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first? Self-care is intrinsically related to anxiety and stress relief, which, in turn, increases longevity. When you keep doing the same things expecting different results, it is a sign that you are missing the point. I am here to help you to write a new and better story about yourself!

The first session lasts 90 minutes at no additional charge

Why is finding meaning and your mission in life so crucial?

Do you know why you are on Earth at this time and location? Why were you born in a particular country, at a specific time, family and condition? What does it bring meaning to your life? What is your mission on Earth? What is your life purpose?

These questions always fascinated me since I was a little girl. I remember when I was five years old and looked at the mirror and asked myself, “Who am I?” People think children are ignorant and have a fertile imagination, which is a simplistic way to look at them. Children still bring in their memory bank, located in the subconscious mind, the remembrances of past existences. When we grow up, we are so conditioned by social norms that we forget who we are.

Nonetheless, research shows that people, who have a genuine sense of purpose or mission, or have meaning in their lives, are healthier and happier. They develop resilience to cope with life adversities. They know the impermanent nature of life and live more in the present moment with a deep sense of gratitude. Thus, if you want a long and healthy life, find out why you are here at this time. I have many tools that can help you to dig inside and find the meaning of your life.

How does Hypnotherapy work?


“I’ve sought out guidance and Coaching from Sandra for over seven years, and writing a few sentences of a review hardly conveys the impact her work has had on my life. While exploring, expanding, and facing changes, (both

personally and professionally), she has assisted me in an incredible journey of discovery. Together we have come up with practical solutions paired with attainable goals. During some of our sessions a few limiting habits of mine were also uncovered, and we refined them to create success. Combining and applying Angel Guidance is a rarity, and made all the difference in seeing the big picture of my purpose, goals, and progression.  Sandra’s availability is also awesome!!  She promptly responds to my messages and works with my busy schedule. Additionally, I am so incredibly uplifted during and after our sessions.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is so consistently graceful! I highly recommend Mrs. Guassi to anyone looking for a fresh and inspiring professional, who partners like a friend.”


“My life is forever changed as a result of Sandra Guassi’s hypnotherapy sessions. Her knowledge of human behavior coupled with her keen ability to deeply connect with clients made this a truly remarkable experience for me. 

Not only did Sandra help to calm my anxieties, but with her therapeutic techniques, she helped me to uncover valuable insights and regain the momentum needed to achieve my goals.
Sandra, what an amazing hypnotherapist you are!! I cannot thank you enough.”


A new perspective and gained a higher understanding

Rated 4 out of 5
August 30, 2022

“I had an amazing past life regression session with Sandra Guassi. She made me feel comfortable right away. Sandra expertly assisted me into my past life experience. She was adept in helping me realize the karmic correlation of my experience as it related to my question. I was able to see my concern from a new perspective and gain a higher understanding. I highly recommend Sandra if you are considering regression therapy.”

Kris, NC

Unique and relaxing sessions

Rated 5 out of 5
April 30, 2021

“Sandra is amazing! She has great cadence when she speaks. She has a great attitude and a pleasant spirit. To add, she has an exotic accent that makes her sessions that much more unique and relaxing. Anybody that does hypnosis with her will have an experience they’ve never had before.”

Ron, GA

A great listener and motivator

Rated 5 out of 5
March 27, 2021

“I was lucky to have Sandra as my life coach for the past 6 weeks. She is a great listener and motivator. With her calming and serene manner, she helped me to overcome my fears and obstacles and also discover my spirituality. Just to speak to her I was starting to feel better. With her wide experience, great methodology and ability to deal with people from diverse backgrounds she is able to bring the best capabilities of her coachees. I recommend her services to any individual.“

Ozlem (Ozzie) Tatonyan, Australia

Her voice was soothing and her directions very clear

Rated 5 out of 5
February 26, 2021

“Since entering menopause I have had many sleeping issues. Talking to Sandra, who has been my friend for more than 15 years, she convinced me to give hypnosis a try. I was a little on the fence because it is very hard for me to calm down my mind. I am a Bootcamp king person and yoga makes me yawn. Anyway, we decided to have three sessions. Long story short it was amazing. I am not only relaxed at a very deep level but also my sleep became better.  Her voice was soothing and her directions very clear. I felt like I was floating on the water and this feeling of immersing into a calm stage made me realize that I can learn how to control my thoughts. Sandra is a very sensible hypnotherapist and I recommend her. She made me believe that I could give hypnotherapy a chance.”

Lilian, NC

An Expert Hypnotherapist

Rated 5 out of 5
January 26, 2021

“I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to try a hypnotherapy session due to the questionable stigma surrounding hypnotherapy, but soon I was put at ease.  Sandra explained the process, expectations and end goal of hypnotherapy with expert detail. That thoroughness is very comforting. For any questions, insights or pivotal moments that occurred were acknowledged and answered extensively.  Sandra’s authentic passion to help others makes her a natural for this modality. I was impressed with how much I benefited from these sessions with an improved calmness overall. I especially liked the fact that the sessions were customized each time. I saw overall improvement and would highly recommend Sandra as a hypnotherapist. I’m grateful to have had this experience and worked with Sandra.”

Angie, IL

Stress Less – Live More

The first session lasts 90 min at no additional charge.



I understand, you are not the only one feeling apprehensive, even scared. It is true; there are a lot of things going on out there that we have no idea…

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