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Finding Meaning and Joy Within

Hi, I am Sandra Guassi

Your Personal Development Mentor to a Meaningful Life

Are you feeling depleted by doubts and uncertainties? Do you feel stuck or blocked? Are you overwhelmed by the world around you? There is no coincidence, just synchronicity! In the same way, there are no mistakes, just learning! You have reached this page because you want to live a more abundant, meaningful, and joyful life. It is time to unlock your potential, unblock your path, get unstuck, and shine brightly. You are in the right place!

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People are understood and welcome here!

Finding Meaning and Joy Within

Are you just drifting through life?

Have you been experiencing constant worries, uncertainties, doubts, low energy, lack of creativity, or don’t know which path to follow in life? Have you been questioning why you are here on planet Earth? What is your mission or purpose? Are you unsatisfied with some organizations’ incomplete answers to your existential questions? You may be experiencing an existential disconnection or conflict.

All these signs might be your inner self is calling your attention to the fact that you have a purpose and mission; your life is not meaningless. According to Healthy Driven, 75%* of Americans have no apparent meaning or purpose in their lives. This existential disconnection can cause deep stress to mental illnesses if not addressed.

         I am here to guide you to an inner adventure of connecting to your heart and soul’s desires, dreams, and mission. So you can have a life with meaning and purpose and fulfill your mission.


How does Personal Development Mentoring work?


“After working with Sandra on several modalities, I saw a lasting improvement in my Growth Mindset and Abundance. This lists each of the practices that I did with  Sandra and the transformation I had.

EFT Tapping- This is a tool that I can now use whenever I am feeling stressed or unfocused.  It really helps me change my mindset in minutes.  Everyone should know this practice. The benefit of doing it with Sandra is that she customizes  your session to suit whatever concern I am experiencing and when I am done, I feel less stressed and empowered to move forward towards my goals.
Brain Spotting- This was very interesting. In just 30 minutes, I released some fear around a decision I had made.  I also recognized that a wound from my childhood was still popping up, and I could recognize and release it.  I no longer felt anxiety and confusion around a business decision.
Hypnosis- It was amazing to Me that in just 3 sessions, I could no longer feel stressed at night over financial and abundance concerns.  Even though My husband is out of work and one of my side businesses closed, and I lost that income as well, I am not feeling worried about finances.  I know I am working to create my dream life and that abundance is all around me; I need only to tap into it and take the next best step to move forward. I still listen to the meditation Sandra gave me, and it is a good reminder and helps me sleep. 
Thank you for working with me, Sandra.”


“I’ve sought out guidance and mentoring from Sandra for over seven years, and writing a few sentences of a review hardly conveys the impact her work has had on my life. While exploring, expanding, and facing changes, (both

personally and professionally), she has assisted me in an incredible journey of discovery. Together we have come up with practical solutions paired with attainable goals. During some of our sessions a few limiting habits of mine were also uncovered, and we refined them to create success.  Sandra’s availability is also awesome!!  She promptly responds to my messages and works with my busy schedule. Additionally, I am so incredibly uplifted during and after our sessions.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is so consistently graceful! I highly recommend Mrs. Guassi to anyone looking for a fresh and inspiring professional, who partners like a friend.”


“My life is forever changed as a result of Sandra Guassi’s hypnosis sessions. Her knowledge of human behavior coupled with her keen ability to deeply connect with clients made this a truly remarkable experience for me. 

Not only did Sandra help to calm my fears, but with her techniques, she helped me to uncover valuable insights and regain the momentum needed to achieve my goals.
Sandra, what an amazing professional you are!! I cannot thank you enough.”


“I was lucky to have Sandra as my life coach for the past 6 weeks. She is a great listener and motivator. With her calming and serene manner, she helped me to overcome my fears and obstacles and also discover my spirituality.

Just to speak to her I was starting to feel better. With her wide experience, great methodology and ability to deal with people from diverse backgrounds she is able to bring the best capabilities of her coachees. I recommend her services to any individual.”

OZLEM (OZZIE), Australia

“Sandra is very professional, knowledgeable and organized. These characteristics are the pillars that her sessions build. The air of open communication and enthusiasm promotes an atmosphere of teamwork and success between her and the client. I felt very much at ease and looked forward to our sessions and what we set as a goal to accomplish each meeting.

I was not exactly sure what all was involved with working with a coach/mentor and am very impressed with this experience. I achieved my goals with each session and planned on continuing working with her for larger goals that I wouldn’t have considered before working with her. I highly recommend Sandra and encourage you to explore opportunities that you may not have considered or even known about to welcome into your path.


Finding Meaning and Joy Within

You are amazing!



I understand, you are not the only one feeling apprehensive, even scared. It is true; there are a lot of things going on out there that we have no idea…

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