What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the bridge to the Subconscious Mind!

Our critical mind, the one which is logical, analytical, and rational, is found at the Beta brain waves. It is where our verbal and math skills are located. It is also called the Conscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is accessed at Alpha state and deeper in Theta. It is responsible for 90% of our behaviors. The Subconscious Mind is where our emotions, intuition, instincts, memories, creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills are located and stored at what is called Cognitive Maps.

Hypnosis is the ultimate tranquilizer. Eight to ten minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to three and a half hours of refreshing sleep. Hypnosis is a process that can be explained in three steps:

1st – Induction: this is preparation through relaxation to get into the hypnotic state. During induction, the muscles get very relaxed and so does the critical mind.

2nd – Suggestions: this is the step where new, positive, and healthier habits and behaviors are imprinted in the Subconscious Mind.

3rd – Coming out of Hypnosis:  this is a gradual, yet quick process that brings us back to the beta state, which is the conscious mind. We come back feeling refreshed and wonderful!

When necessary a 4th step is added, which is called post-hypnotic suggestions that reinforce the desired behavior.

You are always in complete control of your mind and aware of what is going on during hypnosis. You will accept only suggestions that are in accordance with your goals. So the fear of not coming back is a myth. Actually, you go into hypnosis, naturally, seven to ten times a day and you are not even aware of that. For example, when you are driving back home from work and get yourself surprised to see how you got back because you were “far away.” In fact, you were at alpha state and in natural hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help people to move past traumas; phobias and fears, such as fear of public speaking; addictions, like smoking; permanent weight loss; anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and pain in general; self-confidence to succeed at sports, sales performance, and so on.        

When you try to change your behaviors and habits using only the Conscious Mind, the will power, it doesn’t last. It is like the New Year’s resolution, it doesn’t work. Why? Because permanent behavioral changes take place only in the Subconscious Mind and Hypnosis is the bridge that takes you there!

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