Genevieve, IL

“I’ve sought out guidance and coaching from Sandra for over seven years, and writing a few sentences of a review hardly conveys the impact her work has had on my life. While exploring, expanding, and facing changes, (both personally and professionally), she has assisted me in an incredible journey of discovery. Together we have come up with practical solutions paired with attainable goals. During some of our sessions a few limiting habits of mine were also uncovered, and we refined them to create success. Combining and applying Angel Guidance is a rarity, and made all the difference in seeing the big picture of my purpose, goals, and progression.  Sandra’s availability is also awesome!!  She promptly responds to my messages and works with my busy schedule. Additionally, I am so incredibly uplifted during and after our sessions.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is so consistently graceful! I highly recommend Mrs. Guassi to anyone looking for a fresh and inspiring professional, who partners like a friend.”