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8-Week Stress & Anxiety Relief Program Through Mindfulness-Based Meditation & Exercises

Why meditation? Simply because we deserve it! We deserve time to be with ourselves. Meditation is not about getting something; it is about letting go of what does not serve us, what brings us illusions. Meditation is a process of coming home in the now.

I appreciate how Mark Williams, PhD., an Oxford University professor, and Danny Penman, Ph.D., describe the human mind. It is didactic and helpful. They say the mind operates in two different modes: the doing mode, rational and analytical, and the being mode, intuitive and emotional. The problem arises when the doing mode wants to resolve emotional issues, such as fear, grief, sadness, despair, anxiety, depression, and so on. It is like trying to clean an oil spill just with water. In fact, it worsens the problem rather than improves it. Thus, we feel trapped. Mindfulness Meditation is a relief for a busy mind. It soothes the mind and reinvigorates the soul. By learning how to switch from the doing mode to the being mode, we become aware of our inner world and all the resources we have.

I developed a 8-week program based on Mindfulness and the concept of Chakras (system of energy centers). This program consists of eight 45- minute classes given weekly to cope with stress and anxiety. It is not a boring program, I promise you!

1st week – Explain the nature of the human mind. Introduce the concept of doing mode and being mode of the mind and how they interact. Bring awareness to the breath and the body. Teach different techniques to be aware of the present moment. Explain the relationship between mind and body. Explain how our thoughts influence the physical body and vice-versa. Work on the Body Mindfulness Meditation as well as on the body sensations.

2nd week – Introduce the notion of the human energy field and its main seven centers – chakras. Explain the nature of the thoughts and emotions and how they are interwoven. Become aware of how thoughts influence emotions and behaviors. Also, explain how emotions and feelings affect the thoughts and the body. Introduce the concept of the Root Chakra.

3rd week – Explain the holistic view of the human body. Focus on body movement and introduce walking meditation. Make your daily tasks an opportunity to be mindful (mindfulness of daily routine). Introduce the concept of Sacral Chakra.

4th week – Bring awareness to the environment you live in. Connecting more mindfully with the world around you. Sound Meditation and Color Meditation. Introduce the concept of Solar Plexus Chakra.

5th week – Explain the non-linear concept of time and space. Encountering painful memories from the past in a mindful way, working on forgiveness. Introduce the concept of Heart Chakra.

6th week – Reevaluate the mindfulness meditation process. Work with frustrations by introducing the attribute of acceptance. Becoming aware of the personal speech; i.e., being mindful of the words you choose to speak to yourself (inner dialogue) and others. Introduce the notion of the Throat Chakra.

7th week – Explain the concept of intuition and attention and their role in our everyday lives. Become aware of mood swings and inner motivation. Practicing Mindfulness Meditation to lower anxiety. Introduce the concept of the  Third Eye Chakra.

8th week – Deepening the exploration of the inner dialogue. Dealing with self-criticism and bringing the future to the present by focusing on the breath. Become aware of your true nature and potential. Introduce the notion of the Crown Chakra. You are more than your physical body, sensations, thoughts, emotions, and intuition. You are “total” being in constant change. You are complete, however, unfinished because you are constantly evolving.


Stress Relief Program: 45-minute classes. It can be done in person or online – Skype (Sandra Guassi) or Zoom (Sandra Guassi)

Program Investment: US$55.00 per class or $400.00 in full.

Investment per Session

Payment: PayPal, Zelle, check, or cash


Investment in Full

Payment: PayPal, Zelle, check, or cash


Reiki Classes

Reiki By Angels Classes – are based on Usui Reiki lineage and non-denominational Angels & Archangels tradition.

1- Reiki By Angels Level I

This class is the foundation for the subsequent levels of Reiki. It is focused mainly on self-healing and self-care. You will learn the concepts of Usui Reiki, the Reiki By Angels symbol, Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael, and how to develop a close relationship with them. The classes are held online on Friday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST and Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

Level I

Includes a book, handouts, a chakra chart, certificate, and shipping. Payment: Zelle (preferred), check, or cash. Investment


2-  Reiki By Angels Level II

Reiki Practitioner – After completing this class, you are certified as Reiki By Angels Practitioner, which allows you to start your own Reiki business. You will learn the three Usui Reiki symbols (protection, harmony, and distant healing), AA Gabriel, AA Raphael (why Reiki practitioners work so close to AA Michael and AA Raphael), AA Uriel, AA Metatron, and Angel Meditation. The classes are held online on Friday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST and Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

Level II

Includes a book, handouts, the master symbol, Angel Mist – Chakra Cleanser, certificate, and shipping


3-  Reiki By Angels Level III

Reiki Master – After this class, you are certified as Reiki By Angels Master. In this class, you will learn the Usui Master symbol, the appropriate crystals for each chakra, spirit releasement, the fifteen Archangels, and how to contact them. The classes are held online on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Level III

Includes a book, handouts, a pendulum, the master symbol, certificate, and shipping.