Center for Self-Discovery

Finding Meaning & Love Within

I can say that the meaning of my life is to help people find meaning in their lives! That is me, Sandra Guassi, a passionate professional who loves to empower people by facilitating their self-discovery through self-acceptance and self-love! I’ve been on a wonderful and, at the same time, painful journey of self-discovery myself. I am confident working with people from all walks of life and their issues. I was born and raised in Brazil, in a region colonized by American people (West São Paulo state).

I have my undergrad degree in Psychology. Since I moved to the USA more than twenty-four years ago, I’ve taken many courses and obtained many certifications in my field of expertise, but most importantly, I’ve been living a life rich in personal growth and a spiritual journey that has prepared me for the work I do. That is the reason I work with enthusiasm, confidence, and love! I’ve learned that we must also address the body and spirit when working with the mind. I believe in integrating body-mind-spirit-emotion-energy because this is how I go through my journey.

We are whole beings in permanent change. Having experienced many psychotherapies and holistic therapy approaches, I concluded that if we don’t address the subconscious mind, the changes will not last. In that sense, if we don’t address the body, the work will be incomplete. Thus, I am here to help you to find meaning and love within!

Because I’ve overcome many obstacles and life-threatening situations in my life. I also have a holistic background and don’t believe in one size fits all. It is known that the emotional and spiritual sides are complementary — they are intrinsically connected. Thus my work is based on a psychospiritual approach, including energy and bodywork.

I have over twenty years of experience working as a holistic wellness professional, and I have never worked with a client using an approach that I have not tried myself. My work is personalized, and each person is a whole, unique universe that deserves the best of my professionalism. I have a background in psychology, holistic health, and spirituality.

Professional Background

Clinical psychotherapist

Regression/Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Angel Therapy Practitioner

Reiki Master-Teacher

Wellness/Spiritual Coaching

Aromatherapy Practitioner (essential oils for stress relief)

Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practitioner

Interfaith Reverend

Life Purpose Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

EFT-Tapping Practitioner

Brainspotting Practitioner

Family Constellation Facilitator

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Educational Background

BA. & MA in Psychology – PUCCAMP

Holistic Health Practitioner training – AIHT

Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification – Hawaii

BA in Metaphysics – University of Metaphysics

Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna & Angelic Reiki)

Life Coach Certification – Life Purpose Institute

Yoga Teacher Certification – Peachtree Yoga Center

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification – Atlanta Center for Hypnosis Training

Mindfulness Certification – University of Central Florida

Stress Management Consultant Certification – University of Central Florida

Regression Hypnotherapy Certification – Edgar Cayce’s ARE.

EFT-Tapping Practitioner Certification – HCH Institute

Brainspotting Practitioner Certification – Cherie Lindberg

Family Constellation Facilitation Certification – Hellinger Institute of DC.